Pinhole Camera #01

This is my first pinhole camera which I made from scratch.

The camera focal length is 150mm. (equivalent to a 50 mm normal lens on a 35mm camera) The F-stop is around 300. There is a tripod mount on the bottom, and it also has feet so it can sit on a level surface. It can hold a standard 4x5 sheet film holder.
Front view of pinhole camera
Front View

Back view of pinhole camera
Back View

Pinhole camera with holder
With Polaroid 4x5 holder

And here is a picture I took with the camera. This is the table saw I bought for use in making wood cameras. The 4x5 pinhole camera was my first attempt at camera design and construction. I am planning to make an 8x10 pinhole camera later. But first I think I will install a dust collection system under the saw.


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