Pinhole Cameras

Here are some wooden pinhole cameras I have made in my basement workshop. I am working towards making an 8x10 view camera, so I am using these pinhole cameras as woodworking practise and to test designs.

Pinhole #01
A 4x5 simple box camera

Pinhole #02
An 8x10 modular camera

Homemade Large Format Cameras

Here is wooden large format camera I built to accept my 90mm wide angle lens. The front is designed to use the same lens boards as my 4x5 bender camera so I can use the lens in either camera without any problems. The focus is normally at infinity but the front is spring loaded allowing you to focus on closer objects. However I still need to add a mechanism to hold it at other focus points.
hand made wide angle camera
Black Wide Angle
Large format point and shoot

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