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Greg Roberts, Self Portrait
Gregory Roberts
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I was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada in February of 1968. I grew up in Northern Ontario, living outside the town of Cartier, and later in the town of Levack. Cartier is a railway town, and we lived about a mile outside of town on my Grandfather's property. Levack is a mining town where my father was a teacher and librarian at the public school.

I graduated from Queen's University at Kingston Ontario in 1992 with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

I am currently employed with MTS Allstream (formerly known as AT&T Canada, formerly known as Unitel, formerly known as CNCP Telecommunications) in Toronto where I am a Senior Engineer in the Voice Services and Technology group.

I have been working on my photography since 1994 when I bought a used Minolta 35mm camera at Alt Camera in Toronto. A great store for used equipment which regretfully is no longer in business. For a while the majority of my pictures were taken with a Canon G1 digital camera, but both of my $119 Canon batteries died, so I returned to film. For a while I was shooting a lot of black & white 35mm and large format. For the large format shooting I have been lugging my 4x5 monorail camera around. In late 2004 I bought a Minolta 7D digital camera, and used it and a Sony DSC-33 compact digital camera to do a photo of the day from 2004 to 2007.

A few years ago I played around with medium format using a Yashica TLR which I bought at a pawn shop in Toronto. Using that camera got me started in developing my own B&W film, which has been a pleasant experience.

As far as the web goes, since March 2007 I have been posting my work on Flickr instead of this website. While maintaining a website was enjoyable, the ease of use and the excellent interface on Flickr has drawn me to Web 2.0. The slide shows in Flickr work so well, I find my own web interface ugly and combersome in comparison.

If you want to contact me you can send mail to:

Gemma, Lucy, Greg, Declan, Photo By: Jennifer haynes
Photo By: Jennifer Haynes

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