The Photographic Image

A collection of photos I shot for another course I took at the AGO

Assignment 1 - Shape and Line

For this first assignment I carried my digital camera around for a few days and snapped these pictures while walking around downtown Toronto, and on the way home.
subway station relief sculpture salty bricks allen expressway snow tree windows

Assignment 2 - Composition

Adverse weather and a busy schedule at work kept me from taking the composition pictures I was planning. So for this assignment I went through a number of old pictures and selected ones which I felt had a strong composition.
Washinton Monuments Depression men Wolf in zoo Cruising

Assignment 3 - Colour Theory

I again had trouble making time to take pictures, but on Wednesday (the day before class) I managed to get out and take a few pictures with strong colour content. In the evening, sorting through the days results, I could only find three satisfactory pictures, so I then made the picture of the shoes in my living room.
Graffiti on blue wall Construction sign lane closed converse shoes dr martens boots

Assignment 4 - 3D in 2 Dimensions

I rushed this weeks assignment and the pictures did not turn out well. I should have re-shot the Gumby picture with some strong shadows. The vase and glass picture would have been better with the glass overlapping the vase, and with more light on the background. The bear picture has some weird blue highlights that showed up while I was changing the white balance. The faucet is ok, but it is not quite what I was trying for.
It was however a learning experience so the intended goal was met.
glass vase stuffed bear faucet gumby

Assignment 5 - Perspective & Near/Far

For this weeks assignment I again returned to photos taken previously. For each image I found examples where the same scene had been photographed with different lenses. In all these pictures the camera position was unchanged, the lens focal length was changed.
zoom lenses stone mountain Standing on a cliff

Assignment 6 - Types of Imagery

I went to the auto show on Saturday and the found many things suitable for abstract imagery. As well a time lapse exposure turned out to be a good example of a non-representational image. I didn't bother with a realistic image as many of the images for previous assignments were realistic.
Some people felt that the motorcycle headlight is a realistic image, but I felt it was abstract. There was much discussion over the definitions of realistic, abstract, and non-representational, and in the end I still think the headlight was an abstraction of a vehicle, but I also agree it could be seen as a realistic picture of a headlight.
abstract car abstract chrome blob

Assignment 7 - Non-Verbal Communication

For this final assignment in the course I setup my 8x10 Cambo and shot some black and white Polaroids. I discovered that the battery in my flash meter was dead, but I was able to guess a close exposure for the first shot, and after correcting once in the wrong direction I eventually got a good exposure.
The face was supposed to communicate anger, but it isn't quite on the mark. However 8x10 Polaroids can be hard on the pocket book, and I felt the shot was satisfactory, so I didn't try another.
the finger bloody fist mad face

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