Pinhole Camera #02

An 8 x 10 wide angle camera

This is my second pinhole camera made from scratch.

The camera focal length is 130mm. (equivalent to a 21 mm wide angle on a 35mm camera) The F-stop is around 280. This camera has a rotating back so I can take portrait or landscape pictures. It can hold a standard 8x10 sheet film holder.

I made the camera as separate changeable parts, this is to help in practicing towards the eventual goal of making a full 8x10 view camera. As you can see I am currently just using some wood clamps to hold the parts together, but that is temporary.

Front view of pinhole camera
Front View

Back view of pinhole camera
Back View

Simple shutter for pinhole camera
Simple Shutter
I recently added this simple shutter. Removing the dark slide on the 8x10 Polaroid holder is a two handed operation. So there are no thumbs free to keep the pinhole covered. On long exposures this isn't an issue, but for shorter exposures the shutter is a big help.

Here are some pictures taken with this camera
Bath Tub
My Back Door


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