Black Wide Angle

I built this camera by hand after seeing the Blue Wide Angle built by Julian Oliver Bell. He took an exceptional first picture with his camera, I am still trying to get one sufficiently attractive to include on this page.

The lens is 90mm which is moderately wide. The camera is normally focused at infinity but the front is mounted on springs so that the focus can be changed. The front is designed to hold the same lensboard as my Bender 4x5.

The film holder is held in place on the back of the camera using the springs from a mouse trap, and some wire from a coat hanger. The handle was shaped using a Dremel tool my father bought me for Christmas. I don't think my high school shop teacher would believe I made this with my own hands.
Front view of black wide angle 4x5 camera
Front View

rear view of black wide angle 4x5 camera
Rear View, with mouse trap springs

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