Using PhotoShop Rubber Stamp

Here is a simple example of using the rubber stamp tool to remove a rope from the foreground of an image taken at the Toronto Auto Show.

This first picture is what we are starting with. A nice looking car, but the rope across the front is rather distracting.
Before We start

To do our work we are going to use the rubber stamp tool, select it from your tool palette.
Slect Tool

For this example we will just show removal of the rope in front of the car's grill.
Work on the Grill

Use a soft sided brush with enough size to cover the width of a single line of the grill.
Set Options

The Key to this work is to align the part of the grill you are copying from with the part of the grill you are copying to. Since the grill has a simple grid pattern this is not a difficult task. Choose a point of intersection of the horizontal and vertical elements in the grill close to the rope, but slightly above it. Alt-Click on this point to designate your rubber stamp "from" position. Now choose a second point of intersection of the elements, but this time right beside the rope. Click on the second point and drag your mouse over the rope.
Where to copy from and to

We continue to drag the mouse over the rope until it is all gone, covered up by copied grill.
The Drill is Done

Using the same technique the entire rope is eventually removed from the image. In the rug sections we alt-click on one of the strong lines, and then click and drag where the rope intersects one of these lines. For the sides of the car we alt-click just above the rope, and then click and drag on the rope. For the headlight, we can alt-click on the edge of closest fog lamp, and then click on the edge of the headlight where the rope intersects.
After we are done


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