Alexander Ronald Jackson - Year 1

Getting ready for Baptism. What's my Name?!?


On the way to Church

Hanging with Gramps

At Chruch

March 2003

Watching the Game

Playing on the Floor

A Tasty Toy

Christmas 2002

A Happy Kid

Standing with Sonya

Opening Gifts

Goofing with Gord

What are you looking at?

Trying to stand

Gord, put your pants on!

4 1/2 months

Playing Around

Holding on

Dancing Baby

What you want?

In the garden

Hanging around

Sitting around

Balm Beach

Everybody say Hi

Can I touch it?

Geneva Lake

She knows how to hold em

Alex and Grandpa

Checking out the view

Lake Bernard

Lounging around

Nice Ducks


On the Road

Are we there yet?

58 Days

At a Kitchen Party

42nd Day

In the swing

A happy little lad

8th Day

Who are you?

What do I do with this?

Gardener in training

Anastasia & Alex in the back garden

Gord gets in on the action

4th Day

Enjoying some bubbly

Gord is spreading the news

A couple of ladies with some experience with babies

It was an excellent pie

2nd Day

Alex takes a nap

Vital Stats

Mother & Son

Auntie Sonya

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