Full Moon

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There are a few elements involved in getting a good picture of the moon: 1)Obviously you need a big lens. 2)Focus carefully. 3)You need a very sturdy tri-pod. 4)Use Spot metering 5)Get away from city lights, and heat noise.

1) I took this picture with a 500mm reflex lens, mounted on a lens doubler and the actual moon is still a very small portion of the negative.
2) I put a focus doubler on the camera eyepiece to help with the focus.
3) I incidentally invested a few hundred dollars in a good tri-pod just three days before this shot.
4) I had previously tried to guestimate the exposure, and ended up with bad pictures. A one degree spot meter is perfect for measuring the moon's light.
5) I was north of Lake Superior far from any towns.

See also: half moon.
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