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All my Photography since May 2007 is on Flickr
GregRob. Get yours at

I am currently trying to shoot large format daily, and blogging about that here:
GregRob: Large Format blog

Bender Camera - A Flickr group for Bender camera images
GregRob Art + Photo - A selection of my better work from 2004 and 2005
Last 'Daily' Photo - Aug 11, 2007, it hadn't been daily for a while
First Daily Photo - Aug 13, 2004. It eventually gets better
Ritz-Carlton - A Timelapse Video
Allstream Softball SLT game - Sept 2005
Cuba Weddings - April 2004
Gabriola Island - Sept 2003
Stephen and Jaime's Wedding - June 7, 2003
Prince Edward Island - Summer 2002
Baby Alex - Older Pictures of My nephew
Alexander Jackson - Recent Pictures of My nephew
My Big Camera - Large format
My Yashica TLR - Medium format
Homemade Cameras - Adventures in woodworking
Simple PhotoShop - Working with a Mouse
Photography Education - Courses from the AGO
Bev's Birthday - Happy people shots
A Day at the AGO - Short Story
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